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Heart Health Bridge to Care (HHBC)

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Hypertension and Diabetes Care

Heart Health Bridge to Care (HHBC) is a student-run clinic where we provide continuous care to patients from the Southwest Philadelphia community living with hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes while helping them acquire medical insurance and permanent long-term care. At our clinic, student doctors work alongside supervising physicians to provide thorough, high-quality care with individualized courses of treatment. HHBC offers patients medications to control their hypertension and diabetes in order for patients to live their full, healthy lives. Through the clinic, patients receive medications for their chronic conditions, as well as any other lab tests needed. Patients are also referred to other health services such as optometry, podiatry, and dentistry to prevent any complications arising from their chronic conditions. All of these services are offered at HHBC free of charge for our patients!

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